cal front cover-01.png

Donate at least $21 and receive a custom calendar with the option to add a baby name/date of your choice.  

$50+ donors also get the option to add a special message in a remembrance ad.

All images are watercolor paintings from our Development Associate, Marisa Calvo.

If you want just a calendar we have an option for that too! Just donate $15.

We will be distributing all calendars at this year's walk/5k or mailing them out in October. (Depending on the the circumstances at the time)


To the right is a screen shot of the site you will be brought to for purchasing options for the calendar.

The arrow shows the button "GET TICKETS" if you press that button you will be brought to the "Calendar Options"

Also you can

Click the "REGISTER" button and be brought to the same place to pick your calendar options and follow the directions from there. 

The "Donate Now" button will bring you to a donation page only.  To get the calendar options, please follow the "Get Tickets" or "Register" buttons.

(We had to retrofit that site because it normally is not used for purchasing such things as calendars.)