New Haven

Fourth Thursday of the month

7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

We will be meeting at:

UCG Parish House

323 Temple St.

New Haven, CT. 06510

The Parish house is located on the corner of Temple and Wall St. in a recessed brick building.

Parking at the Parish house can be found directly behind the building.

This lot is free for our groups to use for the meeting.



What to expect at at a Hope After Loss support group


Peggy Rosamilia

1 biological (miracle baby!) daughter, Angela, 27 years old

1 lost pregnancy at 5 months, Danny, 23 years ago

1 adopted daughter, Gianna, 17 years old


When I lost my baby boy, there were no support groups available.  I found some comfort online and with my therapist, but now that I've been involved with Hope After Loss, I realize how wonderful support groups can be!  I no longer feel isolated, or worried about talking about my loss - afraid I might upset some one else.  I welcome questions from people, even strangers, when they see the pin that I wear, symbolizing infant loss.


I was first introduced to Hope After Loss a few years ago when I was asked to join the Board as the Treasurer.  Once I became a part of this wonderful organization, I decided to volunteer with the Annual Walk committee.  I met wonderful people, who also belonged to this sad club.  Because of our lossess, we formed unique bonds.


My next step was to become a facilitator.  I went through the training, then sat in on several meetings before I felt secure enough to lead a group.  I now facilitate in New Haven, and Guilford - if needed.  I continue to meet wonderful people and each meeting is a blessing. Yes, we shed tears, but it’s ok because we all understand- I’m so grateful to this organization!! I may be helping others, but I’m also helping myself.  

Warm regards,