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Online Video Support Groups - TBD


This group will be held TBD.

You may access the online support groups on your phone, tablet or computer using a free google account! Please email ambers@hopeafterloss.org to receive an invitation to the group or if you have any questions!


What to expect at at a Hope After Loss support group


Tamara Akanno


I found Hope After Loss in March of 2016 after my son Amari was stillborn on 2/14/16. Support groups and connectivity to the loss community have been instrumental in my grievance journey. The reality will always hurt but I’ve breathed just a tad bit easier doing work with Hope After Loss in my son’s name. I don’t have all of the answers but I want to be there for those in their darkest of times and in their healing process because there were so many there for me during mine. I continue to lean on the loss community for support and I’m honored to help families along an extremely painful path.